Tuesday, March 3, 2009

R.E.M. – Pop Song 89 (Uncensored)

"Pop Song 89" was the third single released from R.E.M.'s sixth studio album Green. It peaked at #86 on the Hot 100, and in the UK Stand was re-released instead.

In the music video, MTV asked lead singer Michael Stipe, who directed it himself, to censor the three topless women with whom he was dancing in the video. Instead, Stipe superimposed black bars on the chests of all four dancers, himself included, and stated, "a nipple is a nipple."

This rare uncensored version of the clip does not feature on any official DVD release & has been rejected &/or deleted by various websites because of two issues; Firstly the band is contracted by Warner Bros. & secondly the material is considered to contain offensive material (mmm... four topless people dancing offensive? Gee wiz I see violence & nudity ten times worse on the daily prime time news lol!).

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  1. My curiosity has always been whether the dancer with long black hair was Micheal Stipes sister. She was in "The One I Love" and "Shiny Happy People." Fairly sure its her here, too. Maybe?